A clip appeared on social media, showing a man taken over by so much emotion that he could hardly fight back the tears as he said his wedding vows.

Twitter user Chydee, shared the heart-melting clip on January 7, 2017 and adds the inscription “If I don't cry like this at my wedding, I probably didn't marry the love of my life.”

The groom can be seen in the short clip, reciting his vows until that moment when he was overcome by such powerful emotions that made him tear up, and had his bride trying to kiss away the tears.

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This reminds us of the Ghanaian groom that cried uncontrollably at the sight of his beautiful bride, and melted hearts in 2016.

Apparently, crying emotional grooms are slowly becoming a thing, and if that tweet above is anything to go by, it might not be long before it becomes a full blown trend!

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