It might hurt badly, but at some point, itll become clear that some relationships can no longer stand.

Letting go is often the most difficult thing, especially if a relationship was once rosy, and looked to be one of those love stories that'll have genuinely happy endings.

Sadly, not all things are meant to be, and if things ever get as bad as the 5 scenarios painted below, letting go, and seeking happiness in some other place might be the best thing to do.

So, you can stop hanging on when...

1. The fighting becomes endless

When you and your boyfriend or girlfriend get to the point where the fighting increases, and seems to be unending no matter how much you try to patch things up, that could be your cue to let go.

You have to admit to yourself at some point that some things are just not meant to be.

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2. Things have gone flat and dull

No more discussions or time spent together no longer holds the thrill it once held, and you do not even look forward to seeing or spending time with them anymore.

These things hurt, but when it comes to this point where loving your significant other feels like a dreaded chore you'd rather not do, then you should know that it is time to get out of the relationship.

3. You don't talk with them anymore

One of the wheels that need to keep rolling in a relationship is communication.

Once you do not talk anymore, and attempts fail to reestablish that genuine deep conversation, there might be no sense in still fighting for that relationship.

Letting go might be what's best for both of you.

4. Neither do you talk about them

At some point, that guy was all you could talk about because he was not far from your thoughts all day long.

But somehow, life and happiness got sucked out of the relationship and even when people ask about him, you just mumble and change the topic as quick as possible.

Time to let go, perhaps?

5. The trust's gone

Not only is the trust gone out of the window, happiness, romance and laughter are gone, replaced by distrust and, of course, unhappiness.

No matter how great things were in the past, the memories will not make things better in the present without you and your partner making an effort to turn things around.

And when that fails repeatedly, there's not much reasons left to still be hanging on.