While many brides-to-be dream of wearing a white dress on their wedding day, this bride chose an entirely different color most would never consider – a black bridal gown.

25-yr-old Sophie Cachia a blogger from Melbourne, Australia chose to walk down the aisle wearing a jet black gown and marry her husband-to-be.

The bride’s dress was designed by Anthony Montesano from Signor Mont Couture and featured a fishtail bottom, low neckline and intricate beading.

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Cachia’s bridesmaids also wore black high necked dresses with long sleeves.  Instead of flowers, the ladies all carried green leaves while the bride’s bouquet was decorated with green leaves, pink and purple flowers.

The mother-of-one told Daily Mail Australia why she chose to wear black.

“I always wear black anyway, I think it suits me and it's such a bold and striking color,” she said.

Sophie’s husband, Jaryd Cachia, didn’t dress like a regular groom rather he opted for a maroon dinner jacket with a paisley shirt, black bow tie and leather pants.

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“We didn't do it for anyone but us, we wanted to wear what we wanted to wear, simple as that,” the bride said.

The blogger said friends and family were not surprised she chose black, adding that she and her husband ‘simply wanted to wear something they wanted to wear on their wedding day’.

“I didn't want anything traditional ... everyone has a wedding, why does everyone have to do everything the same, there's no rule book,” she said.

“I didn't do it for attention, or to be known as the girl who wore a black dress on my wedding day.

“I just wanted to wear a dress I think is beautiful,” Mrs Cachia told Daily Mail Australia.

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