A bride diagnosed with terminal cancer married herself to fulfil her dream of having a proper wedding before dying.

Single mother of one, Natalie Adams, had a beautiful wedding ceremony at her local church, saying the event was a celebration of her life.

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Her one-yr-old son Riley acted as a page boy by her side, as Adams was surrounded by friends and family on her big day.

"I've always wanted to get married,"

"Why should I give up on my dream just because I didn't have a groom?

"We decided the day would be a "celebration of me" and that I'd wear a white frock with Riley as my pageboy," she told that's life magazine.

The wedding was planned by the bride, her sister Angela and best friend Rebecca.

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Natalie's issues started in November 2014 when she started to feel sick after eating  and very soon was unable to keep her food down.

After series of tests, doctors found a large mass in her oesophagus close to her stomach which was cancerous. The disease had spread to her liver too.

Her condition was terminal and left untreated Ms Adams would have just one or two months but chemotherapy would prolong her life by a year, Daily Mail reports.

Adam's wish is to live long enough to see Riley's second birthday

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"I've already bought his 21st birthday present - a Saint Christopher to watch over him," she told that's life.

The bride plans to leave diaries, photographs and letters to help him get to know her as he grows.

"Now I just want to cherish the joy in each day with the people I love," she said.