Brittney and Briggs Fussy must have felt a little déjà vu as they walked down the aisle for the second time in 20 years.

The couple first met in 1995 as a very cute flower girl and ring bearer at the wedding of Brigg's godmother. They were both 3 years old at the time.

Briggs says he doesn't remember much about the first time he escorted his future wife down the aisle. Brittney only remembered her partner's unique name.

So, about 15 years later when Briggs was transferred to Brittney's high school in ninth grade, and sat down behind her, neither of them clicked. It was only when the teacher said Briggs' name that Brittney realised they may have met before.

It turned out they even had each other's pictures on their walls at home – their mums had the same photo of the pair hanging in their respective hallways.

They didn't become a couple until their senior year and were shortly separated as they went to college in different cities. But, three years later, Briggs returned to their home town of Minnesota to propose.

"I knew I was going to marry her," he told Fox News.

They walked down the aisle for the second time this weekend, and the picture of the first time they met as three-year-olds now hangs in their own home.

"It's all a part of God's plan," Brittney said. "All fate for sure."

Fortunately, their second trip down the aisle proved to be a lot more memorable than the first.