A bride-to-be had her dreams of marrying the love of her life shattered after discovering he had been unfaithful.

New mother Cali, found out her partner of two years, Mikey had cheated on her when he failed a lie detector test to check his fidelity on ITV's Jeremy Kyle show.

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After learning Mikey failed the lie detector test, the bride-to-be broke down in tears and told him the wedding was off.

"There’s no way there’s going to be a wedding in six weeks", Cali told Mikey backstage.

Speaking on the cheating incident, the groom-to-be told the show that he hadn't had sex with anyone else, adding that it was just a kiss.

Mikey had also expressed doubts that one-week old baby Hilton was his biological son.

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The couple had first split after Cali suffered a miscarriage with her first pregnancy.

The bride-to-be admitted to sleeping with three people while carrying Mickey's child after the split because she heard he had started a new relationship with someone else few weeks after the breakup.

However, DNA tests proved Hilton was his biological son. Cali had also passed the lie detector tests as revealed by the show's host, Jeremy Kyle.