If you’re fortunate enough to have found the one person who loves you and with whom you’d love to spend the rest of your life, then you should be willing to give them the best of what you have.

If you have an idea of getting them an ideal engagement ring with a diamond, but have no idea how to go about it, here is all you need.

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You do not need to break the bank

Understandably, a diamond ring will cost you some money, but you do not need to finish all your savings on one. Planning ahead, or going for a plan that allows you pay in instalments for one that you fancy is the most logical way to go about it.

How much should I pay, then?

It was at some point believed that the ideal diamond ring should cost you three months’ salary.

However, you do not need to follow this rule if you earn very little, or too much.

The best way is know what is right for your status and income.

The love backing the purchase is all that matters, right?

The four C’s

Here’s what the Four C’s stand for: clarity, colour, cut and carat.

These are the four things every diamond is judged by. They are also graded and priced using these standards.

You really want to pay a lot of attention to the Cut and Carat though.

The cut of a diamond refers to both its shape and how effectively it returns light.

In shape and brilliance, a well-cut diamond is a sparkly diamond.

That is why the cut is really important to pay attention to, if you do not want to purchase one which looks dark and lifeless compared to others.

Another advantage is that when you get a diamond properly cut, it appears larger than other rings even though they are of the same carat weight.

The Carat on the other hand is the weight of the diamond. The more weight, the more carat.

Conflict Diamonds?

Anyone that has seen the 2006 movie featuring Leonardo Di Caprio, “Blood Diamond”, which is about the diamond trade in the Sierra Leone civil war, will know that roughly 25% of diamonds are sold to finance war crimes.

You really do not want something as ‘soiled’ as that sitting on your finger as a symbol of love, so try as much as possible to obtain your ring from a credible outlet.