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This means a critical member of your staff can leave at any time and in other to affect your projects, deadlines or financial projections, you will need to advertise, select, interview and hire at the shortest possible time. Here are a few ways to hire qualified employees fast.

Promote Internally

You have just lost an important member of staff, a good place to hire the right fit candidate immediately is to look internally if there’s an individual that understands the resigning staff's job role and can fill the shoes? If there’s you’re in luck with saving time and having the resigning staff onboard them before they leave the organisation.

Promoting internally helps ensure lower churn rate of employees because it provides them with room for growth and career advancement.

Eliminate Time Consuming Processes

Save time by cutting time-consuming process that stall your recruitment process. In a right fit candidate would not be able to make it in for an interview, would you rather save time and conduct a Skype interview? If there are other important documents like a reference, proof of original documents that you would need to facilitate the hiring of the candidate requesting them up front would also save you time.

Outsourcing Hiring

If after all this, you still are faced with this is recruitment challenge, we recommend Jobberman’s Quick Recruit solution. Their HR expert will help you hire, screen and select the best-fit candidates before sending the best of the best for a final chat with you.

Jobberman has over 2 million candidate database and 22,000 employers, make them unarguably the largest platform for qualified job seekers and employers in Nigeria and West Africa. They are a valuable asset to your organisation's recruitment challenges.

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