There are so many things prospective tenants look for when they are out

As a landlord, it is important you know these things and prepare your house ready before you ask agents to bring a potential tenant into the house for inspection.

To attract premium tenants, these steps will help you rent your property out.

1. Clean up

Even though people are always out looking for an apartment to rent in Lagos, potential tenants will always prefer a clean apartment.  Get the rooms ready for them by cleaning the floors, windows, and blinds. You can also repaint walls if necessary. Just make the apartment attractive for your potential tenants.

2. If it is broken, fix it

Broken windows, doors or ceiling can put off anyone coming to inspect the house before paying their rents. If any part of the apartment is broken, do not hesitate to fix it. Agents are fond of saying it is a minor, it's just a broken door issue and it won't cost you much. No, fix the problem first that's the best way to make your house rent ready.

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3. Choose the right letting agent

If as a landlord you do not have the time and strength to directly deal with potential tenants, you have to get a reasonable and responsible letting agent. The behaviour of an agent sometimes determines whether people will pay for the apartment or not.

4. Determine market value

Once your home is ready to rent, find out and evaluate comparable rental properties in your area to determine your list price.

It is advisable you determine the market value by yourself rather than leaving the decision for letting agents. A lot of people actually prefer to get an apartment directly from owners because they believe property agents can be greedy sometimes.

5. Think safety

Prospective tenants will feel at ease when they come for inspection and find the apartment ready and rentable.

One of the things that make your property rentable is the safety precautions you put in place as the owner of the apartment. Protect against possible danger or anything that may cause injury to your prospective tenants.  For instance, if you have smoke detectors or fire extinguisher in the apartment, make sure they are in good conditions.