Everyone needs a car that runs properly and gets them safely to anywhere they want to go.

Aside from safety which is very important, proper maintenance of your car helps you avoid unnecessary spending on repair. This is why taking care of your car is as important for keeping you on the road for both your personal and financial safety.

It's therefore important you take your time to check these five things are regularly checked on your car. Checking them could save you time, money and even your life.

1. The oil levels

Dip the measure into the oil tank to check the engine oil. Dip the measure into the oil tank to check the engine oil.

This is by far the most important and easiest to check on your car. This is done simply by dipping the measure into the oil tank. And if your vehicle is a modern car, you can check the oil levels on the dashboard.

2. Check the tyre pressure

Checking the tyre pressure is key to your safety and the safety of your car. An improperly inflated tyre can get you stranded on the road. It can also cause blowouts that may lead to an accident. To prevent this, it's important you get a tire pressure gauge, it's affordable and easy to use.

3. The brakes

Check your car brakes regularly to keep you safe. Check your car brakes regularly to keep you safe.

Don't hit the road before you test the brake pads. Don't ever wait for the screeching sound to remind you that the brake pads are not in good condition when you're already on speed. Checking this regularly keeps you safe and prevents accidents. It's therefore important you make checking the brakes of your car a habit.

4. The vehicle lights

It's very dangerous not having any of your car lights functioning properly. On a regular basis, make sure you check your turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights and of course your headlights. Apart from their usefulness for night driving, the lights are also important in letting other drivers know what you are doing or about to do. That's one easy way you can prevent accidents from happening.

5. The power steering fluid

Power Steering Fluid service Power Steering Fluid service

The fluid helps transfer power from the steering wheel to the steering mechanism and acts as a lubricant. Driving a car without power steering is hard. It makes it difficult to control your car. And instead of struggling to make the car get you to your destination, take time to check this and avoid needless road problems.