The interviewer mentioned that Momoa is one of several new "cool dads" in pop culture right now, including Chris Hemsworth and The Rock, to which Momoa replied: "I always thought being a dad was cool!" He went on to explain what fatherhood means to him, and how important he thinks it is for young men and boys to have male role models.

"I mean I always wanted to be a dad that was my thing," he said. "Chris, The Rock, all those guys are awesome. But I look up to my uncles. They were idols to me. My cousins are so lucky I was a little envious of not having a dad around so I always wanted to be one myself."

However, Momoa was quick to add that being raised by his mother meant he is also much more in touch with his sensitive side: something he thinks would benefit a lot of men.

"I like people that have an openness, who know how to talk to me, and pull the best out of me. Thats masculine," he said. "Theyre not afraid to embrace sensitivity, man. I got that from my mother... Men often brag 'I dont cry, God dang'. Whereas Id say dont cover it up. Im like, 'Goddamn, youre a boy, youre a little baby boy.' I didnt have my mum going, 'Toughen up,' so I dont know another way but Ive learnt with any issue, you need to get to the root of it."