Kevin Smith has been open about his weight-loss journey since suffering a "widowmaker" heart attack in February of this year, and now, it looks like the

"The scale said 198 today! This is the first time since high school that I’ve weighed under 200 pounds!" he wrote.

He thanked Weight Watchers (Smith is an ambassador for the program), his daughter, and "all you folks who kept me going with your sweet supportive sentiments!" Smith also said he has plans to lose more weight: "Now over the next few months, I’m gonna slowly try to get down to 190!"

Kevin Smith's weight loss has been years in the works.

In 2015, the director told he had lost 40 pounds by cutting out sugar and walking his dogs regularly. As Entertainment Tonight reports, Smith had lost about 80 pounds total in the 10 years leading up to his cardiac episode, but after his heart attack, doctors told Smith that he had to lose another 50 pounds.

At the time of the heart attack, Smith weighed 256 pounds, and in the six months after the heart attack, Smith lost 51 pounds, reaching a weight of 205 pounds. Smith had previously said that he lost 17 pounds in just nine days by adopting an all-potato diet.