Travelling to a foreign country could be very much exciting and a little nerve racking.

Although the very thought of travelling out of the country can get you a little anxious, it is fun and intriguing because there are so many things (food, culture, places) to see and do with a lot of people around to make friends with and share moments of joy and laughter with.

So, travelling out of the country for the first time might be a little nerve racking because you probably don't know what to expect, how to interact with people and which places to go and places not to.

Here are some tips and suggestion that can help you fit in when you find yourself in a foreign country for the first time.

1. Learn about their culture

Start your trip by reading books about the culture, travel guidebooks, and popular Web sites or newspapers relevant to the country you are travelling to. That way, you're not totally ignorant about what to expect and what not to.

2. Observe

The first and most important thing to do when you find yourself anywhere new (either home or abroad) is to calm down and observe how people interact with themselves and the environment altogether. That way, you'll know what to do and what not to.

3. Ask questions

Don't be in a hurry to fit in and don't be shy to ask questions. Asking questions doesn't make you local or perceived as one, instead, it creates room for you to make friends and build relationships which will go a long way in helping you adapt easily to your new environment.

4. Make friends and interact with people

Asking questions might be a good way to start a friendship relationship with indigenes. Having an indigene as a friend will help you learn more about the country's history, culture, language (if it's different from yours), fun spots, food places and lot more. And in no time, you'll find yourself living like an indigene.

5. Get involved

Don’t hide in your room or only hang out with just one person all day, all season long. Step out and explore your new environment and get involved in local events and activities around you.

Also, take long walks around your new neighbourhood to become familiar with the local coffee shops, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, banks, and the post office.

6. Don't forget to pen your experiences

Capture every moment you can on your device in form of pictures and document as many memories as you have in your journal.

Never travel without your journal. You're going to need it a lot.