Chef Eros is a professional chef passionate about putting Nigerian food on the map. He is Shoprite Nigerias first ever brand ambassador.

Tolu Erogbogbo, popularly known as Chef Eros, started by selling seasoned chicken to his schoolmates while pursuing a degree in International Business Management.

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In an interview with CNN, he describes food in the most interesting way:

"Food is my own language, it's a way of communicating. For me putting those ingredients together, the textures, the flavors, and someone putting it in their mouth, even if you don't understand the flavor, your reaction is what I love the most. I just love to see their faces. That's food enough for me, so most times when I cook I don't eat. That's because I'm eating so much already by just watching them enjoy it. It really is a true passion."

Food as a Business

After his degree, he started off working as a sous chef, then moved back to Lagos to open his first restaurant La Saison Café and Restaurant, Ikoyi. He is one of the chefs bringing heat to Nigeria's gourmet food scene. He runs an artisanal bakery Cookie Jar and has cooked for some of the world's biggest names, including Lauryn Hill.

His passion for the culinary world and creativity, amongst others, set him apart from other chefs, hence the announcement as the first ever brand ambassador for Shoprite Nigeria.

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His degree in Business Management enabled his to carve out a career from his passion and turn it into a full blown organization.

Following the Shoprite announcement, Chef Eros said: "Our country has much to offer in terms of tastes and variety. It is up to us to let the rest of the world know this."

His advice to upcoming chefs is, "Stay true to yourself, be original, do what you love to do, cook what you love to cook, cook what you love to eat."