For paintings that vanish after 10 seconds, this artist is making a lot of money.

The 26 year old professional Snapchat artist, Michael Platco has more than 100,000 followers on the social media app.

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His full-time job is to promote companies through their accounts. So far, Platco has travelled through America to promote big brands like 20th Century Fox, The Voice, Major League Soccer and Marriot Hotels.

The artist, from Boston, Massachusetts used to be a teacher. However, he has been working with brands since March 2014.

He says: “I’ve been working with brands since March 2014 – it was crazy how quickly it snowballed in just a matter of months. Sometimes I go to events, other times I use my own account to promote them or I work from the brand’s Snapchat account."

Platco has been paid as much as 60,000 Dollars for a Snapchat campaign, which has helped him pay off his student loans.