Suya is one of the most popular streetfood, sold all around the streets of Nigeria.

Suya is spicy skewered beef grilled over open fire and charcoal. The best Suya can be found in the North, though Northern Suya sellers can be found all over Nigeria. Rumour has it that "night" and "open fires" are part of the ingredients for making suya, but what do we know!

Incase you're in search for the best suya spots in Lagos, we're here to bail you out with the top answers from our users.

1. Glover Court

Glover court is known for its consistency all through the 20 years it has been in business. It is suya for the big boys as it is said that the price is considerably higher than at most suya spots. This does not take away from the delicious taste, though. Find Glover Court off Glover Road, Ikoyi.

2. University of Suya

This is one of the most popular suya spots in Lagos. It's main "campus" is on 62 Allen Avenue, Ikeja. It is the biggest mainland spot as far as Lagos is concerned. It is said that eating at this famous university earns you a Bachelor's degree in Suya eating, with Honours if they're really feeling like it.

3. Beachland Suya spot

This suya spot is located in Beachland Estate, Ibafon, Apapa. It has been described as the "bomb" and best in the area.

4. Bukka Hut suya

In the high-end area of Lekki, Bukka Hut suya comes alive in the night time and offers the tasty variety of meat. It is located at 69a Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lekki.

5. Surulere Suya Spot

This is located 56 Akerele St, Surulere, Lagos. A Pulse writer wrote a delicious guide for eating suya in Surulere.