Isnt it beautiful how junks and scraps turn out to be a stunning beauty piece admired by all?

30-year-old Nigeria artist, Moses Tuki, creates extraordinary sculptures from junk and iron sheets considered to be a waste and y incredible how amazing these pieces have turned out to be.

Tuki graduated from the New York Academy of Art in Tribeca where he studied sculpture and brought his dream of art alive when he created "off!!," for his thesis project.

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Prior to this, Tuki was a student at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria.

Tuki, as a result of his unique creations, has been nicknamed Nigeria’s ‘Iron man’.

Tuki's work amazes us a lot because his work reminds us of how well we can recycle "junks" and "stuff" to beautiful eco-friendly items.

Like Tuki, a lot of artists and creative thinkers and innovators can create beauty out of ugly and we await these manifestations.

You know, this kind of works just makes us love art all the more and yeah, we want to keep exploring its beauty.

Good job Tuki!