When life gives you quaint wooden chairs in the middle of nowhere, make memorable photos. Lagosians are sitting pretty at this scenic meadow and we are loving it!

Visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) is probably on top of all the lists of things to do in Lagos. LCC is home to Africa's longest canopy walkway! It also houses the famous 95-year-old giant tortoise whose powerful shell is a wonder to behold.

A haven for nature lovers, LCC features a lush natural habitat for animals and plants, away from the bustling life and urbanization of Lagos. This means exploring the wide variety of animals and birds is one of the attractions of the reserve.

However, Lagosians have taken it a step further. A old wooden chair in a meadow of dry grass has turned up at LCC and visitors are looking good in it.

Nothing to do in Lagos has reported a recent wave of taking ultra-cool photos in this mysterious chair.

Looks like a new trend is coming to Lagos...