Yippee! Its a new month and a time to enjoy and explore another set of delicious meals.

So if you don't like food in large quantities, you should definitely like it for its quality, as in good food.

This June, you don't have to repeat your old food cycle and all that stuff. It's time to spice things up a bit and enjoy another fresh and delicious food to enjoy.

1. Indomie gourmet

It's basically a recipe that requires you to stir-fry Indomie with prawns, chopped onions and scotch bonnet pepper.

2. Egusi pepper soup

This is a delicacy from the Warri area of Delta state prepared with smoked fish, smoked chicken/goat meat, smoked prawns, fresh pepper (ata rodo), ground crayfish, ground egusi and of course, pepper soup spice.

3. Coconut Crepes with Passion Fruit Curd

All the way to Kenya, this recipe is prepared by mixing flour, egg, sugar, milk, coconut, passion fruit and butter. Then prepare into a pancake.

4. Asun

Pretty much easy to make. It's basically goat meat prepared with some spice.

5. Beans and Plantain

We sure can't ignore beans when it comes to eating good food and that's why this recipe is making it to our list of foods to enjoy this June.

Enjoy your June meals!