The sloth looks very real, complete with plenty hair.

The hair is made out of shredded wheat and it took the baker weeks to craft. Vicki Smith, the 27 year old baker used six boxes of the cereal to create the hair.

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Though it does look exactly like a sloth, the creation is completely edible. It took Smith double the time to create it than it took her to create the most complicated of her previous creations.

Along with Shredded Wheat, she used marshmallow, chocolate ganache, fondant and crushed Oreo to create the masterpiece.

Smith says: “Normally, my cakes take around 40-50 hours, which is still a very long time and is a lot of hard work but this one was much more difficult and took twice as long. It was because I decided to add the fur individually I was determined to give it the fluffy, life-like texture. This was very difficult and took a lot of testing as I was worried that it would go soft or lose its texture when decorated. But after a lot of trial and error it worked."

“I don’t think anyone else out there uses this method to make ‘cake fur’ so I’ve been keeping how I do it secret until now. But it was certainly very difficult and time consuming using single strands of Shredded Wheat – it’s far from easy!”

The sloth is holding on to leaves and a branch and even these leaves are edible because they are made from rice paper.

The cake was created in a bid to raise awareness for endangered animals as part of a project called ‘Bakers Unite to Fight’. The project is a collaboration involving bakers from different parts of the world.

Every member of the group has created a 3D cake of endangered species. The cakes, including this slot will be put on display at an international cake exhibition next month in November.