Bored and looking to explore your city? Check out all you need to know about visiting the Epe mangroves of Lagos.

Open Hours: All day

Contact person: +2348034819471

Tour fee: N4,000 per person

Things to take with you: A camera, some loose cash and comfortable/water-resistant shoes.

The Epe mangroves is one of the best-kept secrets of Lagos. Located in Epe LGA of Lagos, you can spot the mangroves in the Epe creek that starts somewhere at Ajah and extends to the main town of Epe. Mangroves are shrubs or trees that grow in areas with low-oxygen soil, where slow-moving/brackish waters allow fine sediments to accumulate.

When is the best time to visit?

You can visit the town any day and any time, but it is best to call the contact number ahead so you don't have any issues.

How to get to the mangroves

The drive to Epe can take from an hour to two hours depending on where you are coming from and if there is no traffic. On getting there, you will have to take a canoe, with life jackets, to the main town. If you have the money, book a guided tour so you can hear more about the history of the town.

Fun things to do at the mangroves

If you're one for nature, adventure and exploring new places, then the Epe mangroves are for you. At the mangroves, you can:

1. Get a guided tour about the history of the town

2. Take a tranquil canoe ride to the main town and even spot alligators

3. Take a tour of the local ogogoro/palmwine factory

4. Watch how Adire is made and even join in

5. Watch how Garri is made from cassava and even join in

6. Have a picnic with friends

7. Visit the famed fish market

8. Take lots of pictures