Nigerians will eat anything. From Grasscutter faeces to Cow brain soup, here are 5 Nigerian delicacies that require an acquired taste.

1. Winged Termites

These insects come out of the bush en masse when rain falls and start circling around any source of light that they see.

Nigerians pack them and roast them with salt inside the pot. The white fluid that sometimes comes out of them is not pleasing to the eye.

2. Cow brain stew

Cow brain is a delicacy for some tribes. The brain of the cow is used to prepare a special stew known as “Kwanya” and could make the faint-hearted ill. If you don’t have the guts, simply don't eat it!

3. Grasscutter Faeces

Eeww! The droppings of a grass cutter are used by some people to prepare soup. It is believed it makes the food smell good and it is also highly nutritive.

4. Worms (Weevil larvae)

After harvesting palm wine from the palm tree, the tree is left to rot and later produces some kind of big worms popularly known as “Akokuno”. These worms are roasted and eaten as a delicacy.

5. Agama Lizard

Nigerians eat quite a variety of strange and exotic things but as a rare delicacy when the mood strikes them. If not what explains the urge to eat Lizards?