The invites to many more destination weddings have probably begun flying out so here are a few things to consider before travelling out for one.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas recently concluded their big fat Indian wedding where guests converged from all over the world. Around this time in 2017, Banky W and Adesua Etomi also had their big wedding in South Africa which had celebrities flying out to celebrate with them.

Though people seem to think that destination weddings only happen outside the country, Nigeria has its own destination wedding culture too, but you don't have to leave its shores though. A destination wedding is one which has the engaged couple and/or a majority of their guests travelling to attend the ceremony. Check out how to plan the perfect destination wedding.

So be it in a village in Ondo state or in Dubai, you need to consider these things.

1. It's okay to say no

If you don't have the financial means or have valid reasons for not being able to attend, it is okay to say no, but as politely as possible. The couple want you to be there, but at your own will.

2. RSVP and mean it

Before you RSVP, or tell the couple you will be attending, make sure you are completely sure that you can make it. This is because if you cancel without having a solid reason, the couple will remember it.

3. How much it will cost

Make a rough estimate of what it will cost for you to attend the wedding and draw out a budget.

4. Where it will hold

Adequate research is needed if you're going to plan your trip to wherever it is. You should know basic details about the location of the event and destination generally.

5. What to wear

Knowing the details of the destination, such as weather, religion, culture will determine what you will pack for the wedding and for staying at the destination. Considering religion and culture, you'll know that a destination wedding in Morocco will need far more conservative clothing than one in America. Considering whether, a trip to Canada, for example, will need much warmer outfits than a trip to India.

6. Confirm logistics

Before leaving, you need to confirm your accommodation and how to get there from the airport or bus park. You need to know whether the couple is handling the details of where you will stay, or if you would have to book a hotel yourself. Either way, get those details early enough so you don't stress the couple close to the wedding.

7. Carry-on your outfit

If you're going to be using a flight, it is better to put your main outfit for the wedding in your carry-on bag. This is because, sometimes, bags get misplaced or delayed. You don't want to be dealing with needing a new outfit when you travel for a wedding.

8. Change of environment

Knowing the details of the destination, such as weather, timezone, religion, culture, will also allow you prepare for the many changes that you might face and what demeanour changes and culture adjustments you may need to make.

9. Create your own itinerary

Travelling out of town or out of the country means that you get the chance to explore new places. It could be restaurants, markets, tourist sites etc. As long as it's in your budget, make out time to take advantage of the new environment.

10. Don't go broke

Just because you're going for a wedding abroad, or away from your location, doesn't mean you have to go broke in the process. Let the bulk of your budget go into transporting yourself to and from the venue safely, and then the rest can go into other essentials like feeding. Balling and splurging should be at the bottom of your list if you're on a tight budget. However, try our travel tips to balling on a budget.