The Nigeria based womenswear brand explores the 'female top' in different styles highlighting pretty florals in vibrant beautiful hues. Sheer pussy bow blouses with puffed sleeves details, frilly 3D floral designs, embellished stoned floral designs, lace cowl detailed blouses and more were featured in the beautiful collection.

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The stunning pieces come in yellow, pink, pastels, blue, teal, white, marsala and more hues. "The collection is filled with a range of properly tailored blouse from a mix of sheer lace, tulle, monochrome and prints to floral embellishments.

"The luxury pieces have been curated in a contemporary way allowing you to style it for any type of event from formal to casual" a rep for the brand shares.

"The creative director of Urban and Chique’s love for distinct and bold designs is visible in the Amelia Collection" the brand notes in an email.  Urban and Chique is a fast fashion brand known for  bright and beautiful pieces.

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The Amelia Collection is easily distinguished by its vibrant colours, quirky cuts, and 3D petals details on each design.

Check out the pretty looks off the debut collection.


Photographer: @TheFifographer

Model: @FewModels

Make Up: @Awelewamakeovers

Fabric: WhiteDiamond

Brand: @Urbanandchique

Creative Direction: @Thestyle_concierge