When it comes to make-up we overlook so many simple factors that cause skin irritations that could easily have been avoided. The skin is a delicate one and should be so treated especially when we have a sensitive one.

Check out tips to help you apply your basic beauty products correctly.

Pressed Powder.

Apply pressed powder swiftly and as gentle as possible.

AVOID applying it for unusually prolonged seconds.


It is best to apply the foundation with your bare hands, using the tip of your index finger. It is best to use a light/medium coverage foundation.

AVOID full, heavy, thick cream type and long wearing foundations; applying these with sponges or other applicators can irritate the skin.


It is best to apply your concealer with your index finger.

AVOID greasy or 'heavy' concealers.


Like the pressed powder, apply your blush swiftly and gently.

AVOID applying it over a prolonged time.

AVOID liquid blush as they tend to be greasy.


Use your fingers to dab on primer on your face.

DO NOT massage in your primer as this causes unnecessary irritations.