Like every other style attitude, the way you part your way should depend on your facial type if you want it to suit your facial structure. If this is not considered one could end up with a funny/ awkward hairstyle/ look.

Here is a guide that really works:

. Square Face

A square facial structure features a wide jaw line with sharp angles. Here, you can do a part through the centre; which frames your face and defines your cheekbones as well. A deep side part works as well, this hides a side of your sharp facial feature giving you a better facial balance.

 Heart Face

The heart facial structure features a wide forehead and full cheeks. You should strive to cover your forehead a bit and make your face appear slimmer as well to balance your features. An off-center part works well for this face shape.  It makes your face slimmer and covers a bit of your forehead as well.

Oval Face

An oval face features a long and narrow face; you should not make it any longer with your hairstyle. Side parts suit this face shape perfectly; it gives an illusion of a slightly wider angled face.

The oval shape works with almost all types of parts but you should strive for a part that balances its features.

Round Face

For a round face, show off your good side and elongate your face. Pick your ‘good side’ then do a deep side part on the opposite side. The centre part also works well for this face shape, so you can as well do centre part. This frames your face and defines your cheekbones.

Tip: When doing a deep part, make sure to part from the arch of your eyebrow.