Rapper Chyn, real name Cheyenne Labesa, has one of the most unique sounds in the industry today. He sits down to talk us through his creative visuals and his refreshing approach to style.

Chyn, best known for his songs 'Omo Kekere' and 'Big' featuring Falz. is a rapper and has his own video production company called 'A Beautiful Mind Pictures'. The talented Chyn is often heavily involved with all aspects of his music from production to styling, creative direction and editing and it shows.

Chyn's videos are always well-thought out, beautifully shot with a dash of high fashion which is true to Chyn's roots and his influences.

We sat down with Chyn to discuss his latest video 'Maybe' featuring Ladipoe which was blowing up the airwaves over the holidays.

1. How has your personal style as an artists evolved over the years?

Well, I guess my personal style has been getting more minimalist over the years but the main core of my style is still there, I'd like to call it "smart chic".

I'm really into them Pablo Escobar beach shirts these days and I always gotta have them white classics (usually Nike Cortez) to go with it. I'll describe my style as preppy with a little bit of urban influence.

2. What influences your style?

My style is definitely influenced by British culture. Most of my formative years was spent in the UK, so I guess that played a huge role in my style.

I loved going to Oxford street in London, not just for the shopping, but also because of the amazing style on show there, it was very inspiring. I think the British have the best style period.

3. How do you come about concepts from a video shoot?

I usually just listen to the general vibe of the song, then I'm able to create a mood for the video. I love to create my own universe with my videos, so the audience feels like they are in a different world. Fashion is also a very important element to my videos. 

Rapper Chyn talks us through the visuals and creative direction for his hit single 'Maybe' ft Ladipoe

4. What is the process of putting a team together and what do you look for, especially in a stylist or creative director?

I have a team of very talented individuals that i work with, they make up the "A Beautiful Mind Pictures" team. We come together to bring my crazy ideas to life.

In terms of styling, my go-to person is Bubu Ogisi. I love her mind , I love how she's able to create styles that are so edgy but yet chic. She's a genius!

5. How did you go about choosing who you wanted to work with on Maybe and how did you guys build the direction for the video?

We wanted to follow the same direction as the last video, "Omo Kekere" to maintain consistency, ensuring it still had that quirky yet powerful appeal. So we basically used the same team to create "Maybe".

Rapper Chyn talks us through the visuals and creative direction for his hit single 'Maybe' ft Ladipoe

6. What artists, designers, artists etc inspire your aesthetic?

I like what Travis Scott is doing, these days with his visuals. His videos are very unique and engaging and he manages to bring you to into his dark yet magical universe.

7. This yellow raincoat has become somewhat of a signature, how did that come about and what does it symbolism?

Bubu Ogisi is responsible for that idea. When we were creating the "Omo Kekere" video, we were trying to come up with a spacy, colorful look for the band.

She suggested we use yellow raincoats for the band. I loved the idea immediately because of its originality. i thought it was funky and went well with the theme of the song. So it just stuck.

8. When people think of Chyn, the aesthetic, the vibe, what do you want your legacy to be?

I put a lot of emphasis into my aesthetics and for me visuals are very important. I want to be remembered for taking my art seriously, and for consistently releasing quality product.

Hopefully this inspires this generation and more generations to come.