There is so much you can cover or get when it comes to women’s fashion. However, there are a few that are essential that you need to build upon. Thus, here are five wardrobe staples for ladies.

1. Great fitting denim:

This is a must for every stylish young woman. It’s the essence of the casual-chic vibe. There is hardly any kind of top that cannot go with well tailored and fitted denim pants. If you don’t fancy denim, you can substitute for regular pants.

2. White shirt:

This can be gotten in either a t-shirt or a normal button down shirt. Whichever way, it is the perfect start to a potentially great outfit, seeing as the color is quite basic in nature. In addition, you can never go wrong in a white shirt.

3. Classic handbag:

These are a staple necessity, as women always have a few things on their person at all times and it’s great to have a nice bag to carry it all in. However, you don’t have to break the bank just to get Chanel, due to quality.

4. Sunglasses:

This is the perfect fashion accessory that is utterly necessary for the Nigerian weather. Sunglasses shield you from the sun and give you that chic look for the day. Get one trendy style.

5. Flats:

I like to think of these as a lady’s anchor, as ladies usually switch to a more comfortable pair of flats at some point during the day because heels are not exactly so comfortable. So why not get a super trendy pair in a versatile color.