Its a new year and it should come with a new closet too. The new year should come with certain changes like ridding of underwear with holes in them and also style rejuvenation.

There are various fashion dos and dont we are expected to follow, so how about this year be about breaking the rules, make it your own thing, experiment with new styles and colours and you might just find yourself a signature look that is very you.

Here are 5 ways to amp your style this year.

1.Mix prints : That rule about mixing prints being a bad idea, well make it look good. Try mixing prints, be careful not to end up looking like a rainbow vomited  on you though. In mixing, try prints with similar colours and patterns, or tone your printed outfits down with nude shoes.

2. Wear Gold and silver : Go for maximum effect, wear them both, silver and gold accessories, who says wearing both wont look absolutely fabulous.

3. Choose a signature look : Pick a unique style this year :

4. Try medium heels : Give platform heels a rest, opt for stilettos in 3 or 4 inches, they can look very sexy and classy when styled properly. Stilettos are also much easier to wear anywhere, much more comfortable than platform pumps.

5. Go Asymmetrical : This is your year to experiment into the world of unusually cut clothes. Tuck all your regular clothes in one section of your wardrobe its time to try asymmetrical blazers and dresses and dresses. Nothing says new year new look like stepping out in something you have never been seen in like an asymmetrical skirt and nude stilettos.