One of the greatest tricks when it comes to

1.) Laid back offices:

The fact that the dress code is relaxed doesn’t mean gymwear or sweatpants are allowed. Instead try a well-fitting white crew neck T-shirt, polo or Oxford button-down paired with cropped black pants and white sneakers.

2.) Corporate Offices

It’s good to stray from the traditional black, but navy isn’t the only alternative. Try out charcoal, or darker, almost-black shades, which can balance out the boring and work appropriate. You’ll want yours in a slim, not skinny, cut, with a subtle notch lapel. Style it with a classic white formal shirt and either a black or black and white micro-patterned tie.

3.) Black 'head to toe' code

If there’s one thing about black, it’s make you look smart for evening events. Tweak your look with texture: like velvet, as it adds another layer of luxury, while a standard single-breasted two-piece suit is minimally classic. And, finally, use accessories to create balance.

4.) Hit the town:

Go for black and white pieces that are a balance between smart and casual, such as an  unpadded bomber, slim black jeans and a white crew neck tee or button-down, which  show you’re glammed up to have a great time. Pair a blazer and your sneakers for Derbies.

5.) Time off:

Have an easy day and look great with easy pieces like loopback cotton sweatshirts, tapered joggers, lightweight bombers, and sneakers, playing with the colours black and white until you find your comfort zone. Or, take it to the level by adding asymmetric stripes and graphic patterns.

6.) For our tropical weather:

Try breathable cottons and linens, trade longer sleeves for shorter sleeves (or perfectly rolled sleeves), trousers for shorts, and saving your socks in preparation for that dry Harmattan season.

Try out these tips when next you wanna go plain or simple in black and white and watch your style transform. Tell us any more tips you may have for the monochrome look.