The top designer unveiled the couture bridal collection at a private viewing on Saturday 28th October 2017 at his Atelier in Lekki taking selected guests through the intricacies of his latest works.

Inspired by all his past brides who at some point wanted 'something' (details, colour, styles etc that were later rejected) they couldn't eventually have done on their wedding dress for their big day, Mai Atafo decided to launch  a campaign to have brides "follow their hearts".

Mai Atafo designed the intimate collection for brides to know it's ok to follow their heart without restrictions when picking out her wedding dress. The brides he has met through the years who eventually make a decision with their heads and not their heart where in Atafo's world should be vice versa.

He kicks off the campaign for brides to see beyond "church constraints", "influence from family and friends" or even budget.

For the collection featuring handmade laces as appliqué details, handbeaded details, 3D he with unconventional colours including blue, pink, nude, blush and more totally ditching the traditional white colour.

He infused modern yet functional details into each piece with soft corsets, boned detail on the structured gowns to give bride a perfect 'snatched'/cinched finish that says sensual yet confident for her big day.

He explained the intricate details behind each piece featuring a lot of luxe lace for femininity and sensuality.

He designed them to be functional as well with one crafted after a muslimah bride featuring a detachable skirt that was beautifully designed. He showed off another featuring a boned bustier over a cascading skirt with lace appliqués- one that comes functional and breathtaking in blush.

He showed off another rich pink featuring long sleeves and an elegant skirt for the brides who'd love to cover up while in another similar design in oof white he leaves a sultry detail; a low back and a pretty bow as statement behind it.

Another comes as a jumpsuit for the unconventional brides and another came as a skater dress meets 'skort' featuring a tapered pants for the bride who'd love to have fun on her big day.

Some came in blue hues featuring an endless train of hand stitched floral embellishment. He goes all out with the 'Heart' collection he tells me is "his laziest till date" (what happens when he really gets to work?!).

“Decisions made with the heart are made out of love and love is the one thing that drives everything in life, this collection is an ode to brides and an inspiration to others because I always #FollowMAIHeart” Mai Atafo shares about the collection.