Lead actress Kristen Stewart has come along way since her Twilight days. The 23 year old actress was the face of Spanish fashion house Balenciaga last year. She has been spotted season after season on front and center rows at  just about every Chanel show recently got picked to be the next face of Chanel's Metiers d'Art collection.

On a global scale, a Chanel gig is an extremely big deal and lucky for Kristen she has been hand picked by fashion god Karl Lagerfeld to be an ambassador of the high fashion French label. Being the face of Chanel means that Kristen will quit ruining her red carpet outfits by pairing them with sneakers. We can expect her to look as exceptionally elegant as possible at all times.

Her fashion evolution is one that can be described as drastic, she is known to look less than perfect on red carpet occasions where celebrities attempt to look their best.As time has gone on, she has morphed into a trendy young woman with enviable style. Glamour magazine named her the best dressed of 2013 which is very much deserved especially now that  House of Chanel will be dressing her.

View her style evolution.