2015 was the year for great men’s style and many guys got to show off their style prowess in various dimensions. However, not all of us got to jump on that bandwagon, which is forgivable.

The thing about great style is that it never goes away, so for all you guys who didn’t take your style and grooming seriously, 2016 is your year and here are  a few tips to help you make that transition:

1.) Spend less, buy wisely: The misconception about fashion is that you have to buy a bunch of things to be able to look stylish. The truth is you don’t have to buy so much. All you need is the basic things to start out like a grey suit or dark denim pants. Buy things you can use in different ways.

2.) Know yourself: The second tip is to be honest with yourself. The fact that something looks good on one person doesn’t mean that it’s good for all. for example, skinny jeans aren’t meant for everyone.

3.) Your age matters: Yes, it does! You can’t pull off the looks you used to at 18 now that you are 45, it just won’t work. Naturally, the older you get, the more graceful and subtle you fashion risks should be.

4.) Try Suede: The number one reason why most men don’t try suede is probably because of the weather climate in Nigeria. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it at all. There are so many air conditioned places in Nigeria like most offices, cinemas, hotel, where you can don the trendy look.

5.) Don’t separate your wardrobe: If you divide your wardrobe into casual, smart, cocktail and such, you won’t reach your greatest style potential. some of the best and most interesting looks come from crossing style genres and mixing things up.

6.) More accessories: Yes, you don’t want to look like a lighted Christmas tree but there are many other ways you can accessorize other than the traditional necklaces and bracelets. Try something on your tie or your suit lapel or pocket squares.

7.) Keep your shirts crisp: Shirts are the most fundamental item in a man’s wardrobe and they should be treated well. There are a few guidelines for keeping your shirt neat:

  • You shouldn’t wash a shirt at more than 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Wash your shirt after every single wear.
  • Take your shirt off cautiously and then fold carefully before putting into the washing machine.
  • Use a soft cloth in-between your shirt and the iron to prevent damage.

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