Everyone craves a flawless skin. Flawless skin is a sign of healthy/good living, makes us an object of admiration and creates a smooth canvas for our make-up amongst many things. Everyone would rather have a flawless skin and not worry about breakouts and other blemishes.

This regimen helps to achieve flawless skin in no time:

Drink Lemon Water -3 times a week

Squeeze one lemon; mix the lemon juice with equal parts of water. Drink this once a day and at least 3 times in a week. This mix serves as an internal cleansing agent; as a saying goes, the key to a healthy skin starts from inside out.

Aloe and Honey Mask-Once a week

Add a dime size of aloe vera gel with a dime size of honey; mix both and apply to your face. Rinse off the mixture after 30 minutes. This mixture visibly calms inflammation and it intensely moisturizes.

Exfoliate- Every 3 days

Make a habit of using an exfoliating scrub every three days to remove dead skin cells and to unclog pores. Add salicylic acid to help skin prone to acne, it works wonders.

Moisturize- Daily

After cleansing, apply an SPF moisturizer during the day. Always wear a moisturizer no matter your skin type; even oily skins need moisturizers. Use a hydrating cream at night just before bed. Add a drop of glycerin to your moisturizer if you have a super dry skin.

If you keep up this beauty routine you will achieve a flawless skin in no time. Give it a try!