Beyonces Coachella performance has been one of the most anticipated events of the year and when it all unfolded on Saturday, April 14, 2018  it exceeded all expectations.

The superstar lit up the Palm Springs music festival, Coachella, wearing custom-made Balmain and we get the scoop from Creative Director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing on how the pieces came about.

The excitement around Beyonce's Coachella performance, arguably the biggest one since she gave birth to the twins reached its peak yesterday as Queen B herself took to the stage to perform a number of hits and even reunited the band from which it all began, Destiny's Child.

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Fans went wild for Beyonce and as usual, she did not disappoint with her stage outfits. Beyonce, whose tours are famous for their incredible fashion as well as the incredible talent, treated Coachella no differently as she rolled out in not one but FOUR custom-made outfits by French luxury label, Balmain.

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Vogue magazine sat down and had an exclusive talk with Balmain Creative Director, , who revealed what it was like dressing Beyonce for the big performance:

“Marni told me that the shows were all about survivors and that B was looking for something in a military style,” Rousteing tells Vogue. “Our silhouettes and our sort of Mad Max, futuristic take on military looks for Fall were a perfect fit.”

According to the high fashion profile magazine, "Queen Bey was not about to wear something that was going to be mass-produced, so Rousting went to work with Senofonte and the rest of Beyoncé’s team to create two custom Balmain stage wardrobes, one for each of her performances tonight and next Saturday night. Rousteing also dressed the 200-some dancers on stage, as well as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who will reunite with Beyoncé for a Destiny’s Child throwback moment."

"Rousteing only had a few weeks to pull it all together, spending sleepless nights and long days creating the Egyptian-inspired gold-and-black cape with intricate embellishments; as well as a hologram-fabric black jacket and bodysuit; a collegiate-style embellished yellow hoodie with “BAE” written on the front; a camouflage and mesh minidress; and a top decorated with a 2018 Beyoncé crest that shows a bee, a raised fist, a panther, and an Egyptian goddess.

“By the end it felt like Marni and I were in a relationship. We went to bed texting and emailing one another and woke up doing the same" said the designer.

“B is a perfectionist,” says the designer, "she has such a distinct vision for fashion and for her music, I really learned a lot from this experience and from watching her work in those rehearsals.”

Rousteing further said this about Beyonce “If I am being totally transparent, it is very, very rare in this kind of process to have so much communication with the artist and the ones closest to her on her team.” He adds, “I was able to be in the room with her and she would give me direct feedback about how the lighting should hit the clothes, what the music had to emphasize about each look—I never had to guess what to do next.”

Olivier Rousteing's designs for Beyonce got JAY-Z's seal of approval. “Jay saw the Egyptian goddess cape and when B put it on, his eyes went wide and he was so excited, he said, ‘Oh, wow!’ That gave me a lot of satisfaction" revealed Rousteing.

With her 2018 performance, Beyonce becomes the first black woman to headline Coachella.