History was made on the 23rd of July 2016 as freestyle rap battle took a whole new meaning in Nigeria through the “Rep The Hood Event, Festac Edition”.

Rappers came out to show their talents, talents scouts were hovering around, looking for the best out of the bests. The underground contest is all about rap music, promoting upcoming rap artists, scouting for rap talents and also grooming these talents to their full potentials and beyond, so it was no surprise as there was a massive turn out.The event was well organized, the turnout was awesome, and then the rain began, but that didn’t stop participants as they made the rain seem like an added advantage. The rappers battled freestyle in the rain, with great motivation, it was like they were saying “Our voices need to be heard too”.

Everyone, who participated in the event had raw and untapped talents, but we needed just one winner and the Hood had to choose who was the best outta the best. So, one by one the Hood eliminated each contestant till a winner was chosen after hours of freestyle battle.

This is a first for many more events to come from the Underground Team, follow on all social media platforms to get updated, who knows they might be in your “HOOD” next.Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @Underground_Ng, www.undergroundcontest.comThe Underground Team.