Checking blood pressure is important to keep good health (especially internal organs) in check.

If blood pressure is high, there's a higher risk of having health issues which can be fatal in the future so it's impossible to never skip monitoring blood pressure.

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When blood pressure is high, the heart and the arteries get overworked and put under strain which can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

With high blood pressure over time (when not properly taken care of) the strain put on the arteries make it become less flexible and thicker which makes the organ weaker leaving them (arteries) narrower and consequently clogged!

When the artery becomes clogged usually with a clot (of blood that blocks it) or in rare cases bursts heart attack is imminent, this can also lead to a stroke and other deadly sickness.

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But if you check blood pressure regularly, there's a higher chance of monitoring what is going on internally and tackled before anything goes wrong, this way the heart and arteries are properly monitored.

So make it a habit to check your blood pressure often.