If eyes are the windows to the soul then having a stressed and strung-out eyes can be horrendous! There could be a quick fix though, by reaching for these fab, fresh foods between dress fittings and flower picking you can ensure yours will be sparkly, beautiful with no need for chemicals or creams to brighten it up.

Spinach and kale

The power-packed anti-oxidants in these green goodies help protect the eyes against damage from sunlight, air pollution and cigarette smoke.

Citrus, berries and brussel sprouts

Why this combo? They're all sources containing plenty of Vitamin C, just half a grapefruit or orange, a handful of Brussel sprouts or half a cup of strawberries will have you well on the way.

Turkey & selected seafood

Zinc is essential for healthy retinas and two oysters is all you need to exceed the recommended daily dose. Turkey is another terrific source, as is crab. Yum!

Nuts & seeds

High in Vitamin E, just a handful of sunflower seeds, or snacking on almonds or pecans will do your eyes a world of good by helping keep tissue strong and healthy.

Salmon & sardines

The eyes are just another area where those hard-working omega-3 fatty acids can work wonders by fighting inflammation so aim for at least two serves of cold-water fish each week such as salmon and sardines (highest content), followed by tuna, halibut and flounder.

The best of the rest

Eggs, broccoli (what isn't it good for?), peas and corn are all excellent for eye health too so add them in wherever you can!

Love your legumes

Basically if it's a bean it's good. Kidney beans, lima beans, you name it, they're further sources of that all-important zinc and your eyes will love you if you love them.

The one you've been waiting for - carrots

High in beta-carotene - a nutrient that promotes night vision - carrots aren't the only orange food helping healthy eyes. Add sweet potatoes, melon and apricots to the mix and you'll be seeing bright all night.

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