We all have to

Not a show off:

It’s okay to have nice things and you shouldn’t feel bad about it but when you begin to flaunt them in people’s faces, that’s where you have an issue. Stay humble

Be calm:

Aside from when you need to desperately get the attention of someone who may not be in close proximity to you, you shouldn’t be yelling at anyone at any time, especially not in public.

Be prepared:

Always have an army of clothing essentials for any major events that may come out of the blues. A wonderful basic item to have that may be great for occasions is a nice watch. Leather is always a great idea.

Be kind:

No matter where you find yourself, make it a point of duty to be kind to people. When you are at work, it is important to be nice, especially to the new people who are just trying to find their foot.

Show some love:

An easy way to show those people around us and in our lives that they matter to us and that we care about them is to do little things that show that we value them. They say it’s the little things that count.