Friendships are a great building block of the society. We get so busy that we forget how to be

Identify the core guys:

You get to meet a lot of people in your everyday life but only a handful will resonate with you. Do a proper study of the people you meet and identify those who are worth keeping close and do just that.

Be present:

Whenever a friend reaches out to you for any reason, try your possible best to respond to them. If they invite you to an occasion and you cannot go, you still owe it to them to tell them that you cannot make it to the occasion.

Don’t be a stranger:

You hear this a lot from parents. Yes, we all have extremely busy lives that it may seem like you have no social life anymore but it’s all about making time for the people you love. Don’t disconnect from your friends.

Take a stand:

Don’t feel guilty or ever be ashamed to tell your friends about your principles and ethics. If there is something or a behavior you do not stand for or like, let them know immediately. So stand up for your ideals.

Step up to the plate:

If your friends are not reaching out or taking the initiative to meet up to hang out and have fun, you take the lead. Don’t wait for the other person to start something. If they really mean something to you then just make the move.