There are possible beauty blunders we commit without even knowing, check these tips to know if you are guilty or not!

1. Not Moisturizing

Skipping moisturizer is bad for the skin as the skin needs to be hydrated and some come with a high SPF which protects against sun exposure.

2. Not Throwing Out Expired Makeup

As with all other things, beauty products have expiry dates/shelf life, this should be considered when using the products.

3. Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes Regularly

Clean your make-up brushes regularly to avoid breaking out since over time, used make-up brushes contain dead skin cells and bacteria which can easily cause skin blemish.

4. Sleeping With Your Makeup

Removing your make-up after each day is vital, never leave your make-up on  overnight. The skin works with whatever is on it while you are asleep so you want to make sure the skin is clean and clear.

5. Over-Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils and that dries out your hair. Choose a haircare routine that suits your hair type.