A cup of tea [Harvard Health]
A cup of tea [Harvard Health]

Drinking tea in the morning has a lot benefits that is important to the human health

Tea should be your go-to hot or iced beverage and should be consumed more often than just when you’re coming down with a cold.

1. It aids weight loss

Drinking tea can help in your weight loss journey because it contains ingredients that helps to boost metabolism in the body and also breaks down stored fats in the body.

2. It helps recovery after an intense workout

With the current situation of things in Lagos where everyone is having a mandatory 'workout' session, your muscles are going ache. To help relieve your muscles and for the best results, try drinking a cup of tea after your workout session regularly.

3. It helps to regulate blood sugar level for diabetics

Tea happens to contain polyphenol, which is an antioxidant that help to regulate blood sugar level.

If you’re diabetic , your goal is to obviously get blood sugar under control. A good way to achieve and reach that goal is to drink a cup of tea every morning, this is because tea helps in the regulation of the blood sugar level.