Pulse List 2016 for top makeup artists of the year recognizes makeup artists who put in a lot of work this year.

These MUAs were handpicked based on frequency of work rotations; on and off the red carpet, on celebrities, on major editorials/features, creative works showcased across social media and generally improving on their craft through the year.

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They all made the list because they had some of the best looks on celebrities, clients, for features and across social media and this got them traction and definitely more exposure in every ramification.

Check the list of the top ten makeup artists of 2016 in no particular order.

1. Doranne Beauty

Doranne Beauty is a favourite amongst celebrities. The makeup artist is known for her soft, glowing, flawless and natural looking 'beat' on clients who include top celebrities.

Doranne Beauty was booked for the better part of the year working on celebrities, shows, features and more.

2. Anita Brows

Anita Brows had an exciting year catering especially to celebrities. The makeup artist is known for her seamless, flattering and subtle glowing makeup looks was in high demand this year and she didn't take a backseat.

Her works were seen on and off the red carpet, on lookbooks and more editorials.

3. Mary Jane Ohobu/Zaron

Mary Jane, GM at Zaron Cosmetics had an amazing year. The makeup artist added a long list of clients including corporate bodies and top celebrities both local and international to her list this year.

The rather silent but hardworking makeup artist constantly travels to cater to her impressive list of clients that have been sported on magazine covers, editorials, on and off the red carpet and on top TV shows and presenters.

The hardworking MUA had an amazing year.

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4. Flawless faces by Jane/MUD

Flawless Faces by Jane of MUD Cosmetics had an amazing run throughout the year.

Known for her clean and perfect beat on her clients, the MUA was behind the makeup for major celebrities through the year and she did an amazing job all year round.

5. Iamdodos

Iamdodos is one of the best MUAs around who also doubles as a beauty vlogger.

Known for her natural looking beats on top celebrities on and off the red carpet, the Iamdodos brand is definitely one to reckon with.

6. Bibyonce

Bibyonce came all out this year. The MUA became a favourite amongst those who love bold makeup look with a dramatic cat eye signature the MUA uses.

She goes all out for full makeovers, leaving her clients faces beat to the heavens!

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7. Oluchi Onwuigbo

Oluchi Onwugibo had a great run in 2016.

She's loved for her statement making and subtle take on 'beats'. She was behind the major looks on top celebrities.

8. Jide of St Ola

Jide Of St. Ola is a makeup god!

The Abuja male MUA is quite a sensation with his beat that are always to perfection. Most times, it's easy to know a makeup done by Jide Of St Ola, he's created such a great niche for his brand.

9. Joyce Jacob Beauty

Joyce Jacob had a busy 2016 catering to top celebrities and clients who love her subtle yet glamorous beat.

She operates strictly by appointment but still managed to get behind a lot of showstopping beats this year.

10. Dave Sucre

Dave Sucre is yet another male MUA loved for his flawless beat.

He has a signature clean beat that his clients including top celebrities love.