The weekend is almost upon us again and a lot of us are planning to turn up. For those of you who turn up so hard on Friday night and wake up on Saturday afternoon with a god awful hangover, here are some tips to help you ease out of it.

1. A cold bath : Have a cold shower to force your body into waking up.

2. Mint : The morning after, there is a high chance that you have nausea from too much alcohol along with the urge to vomit, try mint tea or mint sweets to counter the nausea you are feeling. Better still brush your teeth leaving a minty fresh taste in your mouth.

3. Spicy food : Any meal that is spicy will most definitely do a hang over victim a lot of good. After a hangover, you will most likely be hungry and nauseous. First step is to deal with the nausea and then proceed to fill your empty belly with something peppery; which is known to cleanse the system and increase metabolism. Try pepper soup or any food that is spicy to jolt you back to life.

4. Pain killers : After you must have had a cold shower and the headache still doesn’t disappear you may have to result to pain killers so your head doesn’t keep feeling like heavy metal.

5. Drink plenty water : After a hangover the body is left dehydrated so a very effective way to recover to is to hydrate the body. You can carry a bottle of water around and keep sipping, it’ll help flush out all the alcoholic toxins in your body from the previous night.

6. Stimulants: Drinking coffee or energy drinks like Lucozade Boost can actually help after a hangover. Since a hangover leaves you feeling weak, a shot of caffeine can help awaken your senses. However, don’t rely on just this, alternate between stimulants and water.

7.  Exercise: This is quite difficult for anyone who is hungover to do but it works. Engage in a work out that will help you sweat out the alcohol and other toxins. After a good run, drink plenty of water, take a cold bath and have a power breakfast and you are gold.