Have you ever thrown or given away all the tank tops, sleepless tops, backless tops that you own because you are ashamed of your dark under arms?

Dark under arms is a problem that many people face today so many people are ashamed to raise up their hands in public or talking about their armpits

Dark under arms are caused by...


Shaving is something that is very popular but what most people don’t know is that shaving is a very common reason for having dark under arms so instead of shaving you should try waxing; it saves time, reduces hair regrowth, and you don’t have to go through the pain of cutting yourself with a shaving stick and also gives long lasting result.

Regular use of shaving cream

Hair removal creams contain chemicals which can irritate the skin and cause your armpits to get dark.

Excessive sweating

When people sweat excessively it makes their armpits darker.

Poor ventilation of under arms

When people wear tight clothes it prevents ventilation in their armpits causes sweat and makes the armpit dark due to poor ventilation.

Use of alcohol based deodorants

Everyone uses deodorants but because of the chemicals used to make it, it reacts to the skin when you use it continuously and makes your under arms dark.

Accumulation of dead skin cells

When the cells in our bodies die they accumulate the outer layer of the skin which makes your armpits darker.

Ladies hate when they have dark spots anywhere and having dark under arms is just as embarrassing, because you feel very insecure when you wear tops that don’t cover your arms.

If you have already given away all your armless and tank tops well get ready to stop because these are home-made remedies that are effective and very affordable for you to get rid of armpits.

1. Potatoes

- All you have to do is get a potato- Slice it thinly- Rub it on your under arms- Or you can also grate the potato and apply it to the affected area- Let it dry for 15 or 20 minutes- Rinse it off.

2. Lemon

- Cut the lemon- Rub it on your under arm- Leave the juice in your skin for 10-15 minutes  before washing it off [not more than, or your  skin might get burnt.]

3. Baking soda

- Mix the baking soda with water in bowl to make a thick paste- Scrub  your under arm with the paste- Wash It off with warm water.

4. Cucumber

- Cut the cucumber in thin slices- Rub it on your under arms- Leave the juice on your body to 10- 15 minutes.

5. Orange peel

- Peel an orange- Grind the dried peels till it’s in a powdered form- Mix it with water and milk- Scrub your armpits for 10 minutes- Wash the paste off with cold water.