This beauty consultant says my skin is a combination skin: sensitive but also highly hyper-pigmented.


She says sensitive skin heal fast blah blah blah. Mine doesn't. Instead, I get bruises, patches and spots as fast as the blink of an eye. I honestly think she made the whole thing up,  but I keep quite. Sensitive and hyper-pigmented?  And there goes my life story in just two 'big' words. Phew!

Someone should have told me that years ago when I was in high school,  so I could win bragging rights with my classmates: 'hyperpigmentation'! Maybe I'd even cook up a story or two about getting it from being 'blessed' by an alien when I was younger. I'm just being petty. Can't help it.

By the way, the major cause of hyperpigmentation is Sun exposure. I knew this Summer all-year-round lifestyle wasn't for me. I knew I should have been a Polar bear, a Gentoo penguin (except I've got quite the long legs) or maybe a Snowshoe hare, if only I could survive all that cold, Antarctica would have been just perfect.  But then again, I digress.

Growth Quotes
Growth Quotes

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My skin was so bad that a senior office holding patriot in Man O' War (what can I say, I loved it. Someday I'd write about my life as a warbay, I suffered,  and learnt) once had a go at it, telling me my skin looked like that of a Leopard. Staying while he kept talking had to make one of my hardest moments. Till this day, I tell people (those who are yet to meet me most especially) that I have a Leopard skin. Maybe I was a Leopard in my previous life, that would be so cool!

Oh! I tried everything within my capacity to have a fair and clear skin. What exactly did I not try? From obeying doctor's orders to trying out creams and soaps. I could have opened a shop or become a skin expert myself. I even asked once or twice for sperm from a friend, the things I see online. Don't even ask how that went. I finally accepted that those imperfections, although an obvious part of me, were not me.

This isn't about skin beauty, therapy or whatnot.

We have these two extremes in us, it's all about knowing and choosing which beast to feed...widely.

The only way out of the rut is through it. After all, we grow through what we go through. The societal implications of what perfection is or what it should be, takes its toll on each one of us at a point or the other of our lives. From having the perfect body, to the perfect credit score, to the perfect marriage, perfect kids, perfect job; perfection is tiring and people often get lost in this altitude of perfection, they forget themselves and keep up with the farce. Many have forgotten who they are,  even before they discover themselves.

Self evolution

In my journey of evolving as a person, I have come to take each and every expressions of myself, more seriously. Why be just one thing when you can be so much more? Why shrink your perspective,  your personality,  your being for people who don't really care much about you to begin with?

The Process

Shout out to the things we did that made us realize who we want to be,  shout out to the process of failed dreams. You see, life is a production,  starring you and featuring every other person. You are the star of your own show (your life). I wouldn't care in itself for the perfect hair, perfect this or that. The truth is that life is messy. And some times, your blade becomes your shield. At other times, your shield becomes your blade.

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Be proud, self esteem
Be proud, self esteem


Everyday, the next more than the last, I have come to realize that the perception of reality is more real than reality itself. And if you allow it, people will break you, makes me wonder if we all are dominants.

Brave. Bruised. Embittered. Warriors. Survivors: that's who we are. Truly,  what I've been through might kill you, but the same goes for me. We were given this life, each one of us because we were the best fit to handle and solve the puzzle.

Even leaves as pretty as they are have marks, trees have rough barks, roses have thorns, and the ocean roars: the imperfections of life are the beauty if it.

We all are perfect- everyone in our own little way. The question of comfortability then depends on you, as even the ocean is not stagnant,  leaves fall, and roses wither.

Enhance your imperfections.

Written by Christiana OSUN

Christiana is a writer dedicated to voicing out thoughts we’d rather not complete: Presenting our realities and sharing relatable experiences and thoughts provoking subjects. She’s sarcastic, fun loving and an enigma of possibilities. Instagram: @_themillenniallady_ Twitter: @_millenniallady Facebook:OSUN Christiana Oluwadamilola Email: