The lipstick made in China flew off the shelves mid last year as a lot of beauty enthusiasts who could lay hands on the pretty lipstick showed them off as much as they could.

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The lipsticks come clear with tiny petals of different hues in the middle and gold specks making the lipwear the prettiest thing ever.

Described as the 'gold encased rose just like in Beauty and the Beast' on social media, the absolutely vain lipwear is glass encased and contain real florets (they are still causing a stir on social media).

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The lipstick glides on the lips clear and then it changes to a pink based hue according to the wearer's PH at the time!

The lipsticks are available in honey yellow, deep violet, blush and more and the flowers housed in the middle of the lipstick reportedly last as long as possible. They retail from $22. Would you rock those?

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