Everyone knows

This can be done in different ways, from brisk walking to jogging down to working on different parts of the body with specific exercises that work for the areas.

For instance the heart works to keep human alive as it pumps blood through the vessels of the circulatory system and that happens when one is constantly active.

There are many reasons to exercise/not stay idle and these fast reasons come handy to keep going:

1. Improves posture

2. Prevents muscle loss

3. Improves quality of life

4. Boosts mental health

5. Keeps the brain fit

6. Helps joint functions

7. Helps joggle memory

8. Boost confidence

9. Helps sleeping pattern

10. Helps keep skin glowing and healthy

11. Reduces stress

12. Helps eating habits

13. Improves concentration

14. Creates healthy appetite

15. Reduces fatigue