Sometimes we wonder what a toner really does afterall we wash our faces, use our facial cleanser. All true but the toner should be a basic skincare routine because of some 'wonders' they perform. A water based toner is best though, as much as possible, avoid am alcohol based toner.

You should get back on board using a toner if you have stopped using it and if you are still on the fence about giving it a try, you should, you have our word!

1. It hydrates

It hydrates the skin, it is instant feeling you get when using it.

2. It helps Restore the skin's ph Balance

A toner restores the skin to its natural pH balance.

3. It refreshes the skin

Toner is a quick way to refreshen or rejuvenate your skin.

4. It Removes Traces of Makeup/Dirt

Using a toner ensures that leftover make-up traces are picked up. It helps finishes the work the cleaner should have finished but didn't.

5. It helps the Skin Absorb Other Skin Care Products

A toner allows the skin absorb more helpful skincare products, because they moisten the skin and makes it more permeable. If for instance you use a brightening serum, apply it after using a toner, it works better and faster.

6. Protects Skin

Toners helps to cleanse and tighten pores, this decreases the likelihood of contamination and other environmental pollutions.

7. Removes Chlorine And Minerals

It helps remove chemicals and other residues like chlorine, minerals and so on that we get especially from tap water which can dehydrate the sensitive/delicate facial skin.

You should add a toner to your beauty regimen, check out a good brand that works for your skin type, don't forget to tell us about your experience with it!