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Foundation, powder, concealer, eyeshadow brushes and more should be clean regularly so keep the dirts and grime it gathers during makeup application away from the face.

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It's also important to note that harsh chemicals or soaking the brushes in soapy solutions end up ruining the bristles and the grip itself.

In present day there are different solutions for cleaning brushes but this works perfectly as a fast and inexpensive way to clean the brushes squeaky clean, all you need is just a gentle washing liquid and olive oil!

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1. Mix equal parts of washing liquid and olive oil

2. Dip in the brushes one after the other and swirl around the fingers/ run the brushes over your fingers to get the dirt out..

3. Rinse the brushes under cold running water

4. Spread the brushes out on a flat surface to airdry naturally.

Catch a demonstration if this process in easy steps above.